Let’s start spewing

Good stuff first. Those carrots from my garden? I could sell them at Whole Foods for 5 bucks.

My brother lives with me-he has terminal cancer. More details to follow. He is defying the odds which is giving him ample opportunity to drive me crazy.

He doesn’t much if anything anymore. I had a half gallon of milk in my fridge for 2-3 weeks. I only use it for my coffee, so Sunday I bought a quart of milk. Today i came home from work and the milk was empty, the plastic bottle in the recycling bin.

I have a strong reluctance to ask what happened to any item out of its place, missing or altered because the responses are often mind boggling.

For instance, when I asked why he took the screens off the kitchen windows he told me it was because the flies were “too dumb” to find the opening. This was closely followed by an email saying that we should take all the screens off our upstairs apartment because it would be like living in a treehouse. “how cool is that?’

Ummm, not cool, not a good idea.

Here’s the basic assumption I try to fall back on. He is dying, no doubt about it. He’s doing very well, passed through chemo with flying colors, no infections or side effects. I want him to enjoy whatever time he has but fucking hell! This stuff drives me crazy. Its very hard to separate illness from inherent behavior.

My brother has been isolated and selfish his whole adult life.